FryKleaner: an Audio Burn-in Generator

December 22 2014, 05:00
In this very popular article published by audioXpress in March 2004, Jim Hagerman explains the design theory behind this popular low-cost DIY kit. The FryKleaner was designed to be a complete self-contained burn-in system. Included on the deceptively small circuit board is a very sophisticated waveform generator and built-in power amplifiers capable of directly driving cables. A wall-wart supplies power. As, Jim Hagerman explains, “My design goals were simple: a do-it-yourself kit using all-analog circuitry implemented with low-cost vintage bipolar integrated circuits. Certainly, a microprocessor or software realization was possible, but this was a more interesting and practical challenge. Additionally, all parts should be readily available from a single source, and construction should be simple and straightforward.”
Now, everyone will have the chance to try it.
You can read the complete article here.

Jim Hagerman is the owner of Hagerman Audio Labs and in the website you can also learn about the new and improved FryBaby2 kit, a compact cable and audio electronics burn-in generator.
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