Fresh from the Bench: IsoAcoustics Aperta Speaker Stands

September 30 2015, 06:00

Effective Floating Isolation

IsoAcoustics recently introduced Aperta, a new aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective line of aluminum acoustic isolation stands built with a unique, patented isolation technology that enables speakers to float in free space, resulting in clear uncolored sound.

IsoAcoustics is a Canadian firm specializing in loudspeaker isolation stands for both audiophiles and audio professionals. Company founder and President Dave Morrison worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) for nearly 20 years. While there, he was closely involved in the design and the construction of radio and television studios.

Perhaps his foremost technical challenge was as a member of the design team for the world’s largest multi-media center. Located in Toronto, with a size of more than 1.72 million ft2, the facility includes recording studios for drama, musical ensembles, special effects, plus radio and television production.

The design of the IsoAcoustics speaker stands was an outgrowth of the experience he gained while working for the CBC. The Aperta is IsoAcoustics’ latest offering in its line of speaker isolation stands. The top and the bottom platforms are made of cast aluminum. The stands are available in black or natural aluminum finish.

In this review for audioXpress, Gary Galo looks in-depth at all the technical aspects of the design and evaluates its performance.
To read the full review click here for the PDF article.

IsoAcoustics, Inc.
4981 Highway 7 East
Unit 12A, Suite 100
Markham, ON
Canada L3R 1N1
Aperta Speaker Stand List Price: $240/per pair

This article was published in audioXpress, October 2015.
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