Virtins Technology New VT CAMP-2G05 24-bit Dual-Channel USB Data Acquisition Interface

November 10 2020, 00:35
PC-based test and measurement Virtins Technology is recognized for both its Multi-Instrument multi-function virtual instrument software and for its extensive range of compact USB interfaces. Now the company announced a new 24-bit dual-channel USB data acquisition interface with charge input, extending its range of Noise & Vibration Measurement Systems. The new VT CAMP-2G05 was specially designed for use with sensors with electric charge output such as charge-mode piezoelectric sensors.

As the Singapore-based company explains, the new VT CAMP-2G05 is a 24-bit, dual-channel, USB bus powered data acquisition interface, where each channel has a built-in charge amplifier with 12 calibrated charge measurement ranges for easy calibration to sensor sensitivity: ± 250 pC, ± 500 pC, ± 1 nC, ± 2.5 nC, ± 5 nC, ± 10 nC, ± 25 nC, ± 50 nC, ± 100 nC, ± 250 nC, ± 500 nC, ± 1 µC. 

High-precision capacitors with low dissipation factors, low dielectric absorptions and very constant capacitance values against temperature and humidity variation are used in the charge amplifiers to convert charge to voltage. The charge amplifiers are equipped with an overload indicator and a reset facility. Each channel contains a hardware high-pass filter with 5 selectable -3dB corner frequencies: None (0.03 Hz), 1.8 Hz, 119 Hz, 236 Hz and 464 Hz. 

The signals sensed by the charge-output sensors can be amplified and output directly from the stereo headphone jack even without running the PC software. When used in conjunction with the Multi-Instrument software, the setup allows users to take reliable and quality vibration and noise measurements as simply as plug & play. No external power supply and driver installation is required, making it a simple and affordable portable vibration and noise test & measurement solution. 
VT CAMP-2G05 with Multi-Instrument Pro + Spectrum 3D Plot

It is even possible to run multiple VT CAMP-2G05 units using multiple instances of the software on the same computer. The VT CAMP-2G05 package includes a hardware activated Multi-Instrument Standard software license, USB cable (1.5 m), CD with a copy-protected Multi-Instrument Software, and carrying case. Optional available items include a charge-mode piezoelectric accelerometers, force sensors, impedance heads, impact hammers, pressure sensors, charge-mode piezoelectric contact microphones, piezoelectric film sensors, piezoelectric measurement hydrophones, magnetic mounting bases, USB isolators and calibration capacitors.
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