New NTi Audio XL2 Data Explorer PC Reporting Software

NTi Audio confirmed the release of Data Explorer, a new PC reporting software for precision-grade noise measurements. With a design inspired by users of the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer, the Data Explorer is an ideal sound level meter companion offering clear visualization, fast data analysis and professional reporting of environmental noise measurements.

NTIThe Data Explorer software visualizes the entire data set including spectrogram and provides very fast zoom and pan response, even for data sets with millions of data points, creating professional reports with a mouse click and customized reports with titles, comments and own logos. Audio files are time-aligned to the graph for instantaneous playback including proper levelling. The XL2 Data Explorer PC software also automatically adds relevant header data such as the measurement date, calibration information, instrument setup etc., to produce a tailored and professional-looking report. The installation of XL2 Data Explorer software on multiple PCs provides consultants with the freedom to distribute their measurement projects among team members and clients. The data import into the software is enabled by an option installed in the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The installation of the XL2 option requires firmware V2.72 or higher. Legacy data import recorded prior the option installation is supported.

Music Key and Energy Analysis Gets Better with Mixed In Key 6.0

MixedInKeyMore and more DJ’s – even the better paid ones… – are using Mixed In Key software to create new session playlists and music mixes. Just released, the brand new 6.0 version of this leading key detection software for DJs is now able to create automatic segmentation of tracks based on “energy” levels, combined with more accurate key detection, thanks to a new music analysis algorithm. According to Mixed In Key creators, the new algorithm is now able to separate melodic elements on the music and detect notes and octaves in different instruments on the recording. The new version also introduces a new “Grand Piano” interface, allowing to instantly checking the analysis results against an instrument.

Mixed In Key 6.0 costs only $58 for new users and should help many demos at the Venetian during the CES 2014. Ready to compare the energy level on those Norah Jones tracks?

Bridging Audio Worlds

In the last three months, the audioXpress team attended several audio shows, including the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; the Expomusic show in São Paulo, Brazil; the CEDIA EXPO 2013 in Denver, CO; the PLASA London show in London, England; the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO; and the 135th International Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention in New York, NY.

At the AES convention, we had the opportunity to publicly showcase our redesigned and expanded magazine and the feedback was extremely positive. We would like to thank all our authors, contributors, and members who offered very encouraging messages and positive suggestions.

In the midst of one of the most vibrant and well-attended AES conferences, we engaged in interesting discussions with manufacturers, students, and colleagues about the audio industry’s challenges and perspectives. Overall, we returned from New York with the sentiment that we are on the right track. More than ever, we feel there is a greater need for reliable, trustworthy, and relevant sources of technical information, which only an independent and highly focused publication can provide.

Based on the main product demonstrations and many of the excellent workshop sessions at AES, clearly there are exciting trends in all application fields. From the analog vs. digital signal debate, it seems we are transitioning to a clear acceptance of the fundamental values of good-quality analog in direct connection with digital systems and networking. That is, the audio industry is in a better position to leverage the benefits of the best analog audio electronics with the flexibility of the highest-quality digital hardware and software. And the implications are important.

The main implication is the typical “interconnect” and point-to-point signal transmission is “blurring” into the—as yet unknown to many—concept of network architectures. As witnessed at the 2013 AES convention, the pro audio industry is embracing Audinate’s Dante technology. And, the interoperability with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.1-AVB systems and the Ravenna technologies could benefit from the new Networked Audio-Over-IP (AoIP) Interoperability Standard: AES67-2013.

Still, independent of the network signals, we will certainly see more evolution in the next few years. As Michael Johas Teener, IEEE 802.1 Time Sensitive Networking Task Group Chairman, recently stated in a video testimony shared by the IEEE Standards Association, “Networks shouldn’t just be created for devices that are far apart; short ranges should be considered too. And once again, with its ability to replace many cables such as USB and HDMI, Ethernet could be the solution. Eliminating the RJ45 connector—or making it smaller and easier to use—is one good place to start.”

We think one of key factors in the adoption of technologies (e.g., HDBase-T) is the ability to transition from commercial installations into consumer electronics. Everyone concurs that hybrid A/D audio systems depend on too many connectivity issues. It is likely the audio network architectures will also have to evolve into simpler interfaces, the most popular of which—at least in the consumer space—will probably not even use cables. It will be wireless.

João Martins

Bose Active Sound Management Software for Noise Cancellation in Cars Now Available on Chip from NXP Semiconductors

Through an engineering collaboration with NXP, vehicles without Bose speakers and amplifiers can now use Bose Active Sound Management technology to cancel unwanted engine and powertrain noise in a car’s cabin. The Bose software solution will operate in any vehicle using a head unit equipped with NXP’s SAF775x car radio integrated circuit, and any sound system that performs in the frequency range necessary for active noise cancellation. The Bose/NXP solution provides an easy, efficient approach for controlling engine and powertrain noise by using existing sound system designs and eliminating the weight and cost of traditional noise management.

Bose developed Active Sound Management technology as an alternate approach to conventional noise-management systems that rely on mechanical solutions, such as acoustic insulation, mass dampers and active exhaust valves. Bose Active Sound Management algorithms target a narrow band of low-frequency engine sounds and where only available in cars with Bose sound system hardware, including models from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Infiniti. The Bose/NXP solution extends the technology capabilities to a wider range of car-makers and models.

RME Converts its Windows/Mac Software TotalMix FX to iOS

RME TotalMix-FX on iOS

RME TotalMix-FX on iOS

Now available on the iTunes App Store, the new TotalMix FX for iPad gives control over the mixer and effects of the supported RME audio interfaces Fireface UCX and Fireface UFX, when these devices are in Class Compliant mode. TotalMix for iPad does not work wirelessly, and is not a replacement for typical remote software (like Lemur / TouchOSC). According to the German company, TotalMix FX for iPad runs on any iPad and all iOS versions from 5.0 up, using only low resources. As under Windows and Mac OS X it does not process audio, but acts as remote control for the calculations performed in the hardware. The app is fully compatible even when storing/loading Workspaces. Except for MIDI/OSC remote control, it includes all features of the desktop version allowing a full overview and lightning fast configuration. Even DURec (Direct USB Recording) is fully usable and controllable from the iPad.

Steinberg, MXL, Mogami, and Yamaha Offer High-Value Recording Packs

Cubase7-UR22RecordingPacksMontageWebFour of the top names in recording, Steinberg, MXL, Mogami, and Yamaha announce the Cubase Recording Pack and the UR22 Recording Pack, two new recording packs that offer musicians, engineers, and producers the best brands in the box.

The Cubase Recording Pack comes with Cubase 7 and the UR22 audio interface from Steinberg, along with an MXL1022 condenser microphone, a MXL-57 shock mount, and a Mogami 10’ XLR-XLR cable. The Cubase Recording Pack also includes a pair of Yamaha RH5MA headphones, which is the final component in this instant recording studio solution.

The second bundle, the hardware-oriented UR22 Recording Pack, features the UR22, an MXL1022 condenser microphone, an MXL-57 shock mount, and a Mogami 10’ XLR-XLR cable. The UR22 Recording Pack is designed for first-time audio interface users who seek a high-quality solution featuring trustworthy brands.

One of the world’s most popular digital audio workstations, the Cubase 7 features the new MixConsole, enhanced workflow options, and a new channel strip that offers epic pro-console sound. The rock-solid UR22 USB 2.0 audio interface includes two D-PRE preamps and 192-kHz support, providing professional-grade sound in a portable package.

The MXL1022 large-diaphragm condenser microphone captures vocals and instruments in crisp detail. It features an FET preamp with balanced output and wide frequency response to pick up a broad range of sound, from vocals to a variety of instruments. The microphone is internally wired with world-class Mogami cable for precise recordings and, when placed into the MXL-57 shock mount, ensures professional performance.

The 10’ XLR-XLR Cable from Mogami, the largest-selling cable brand for major recording facilities, delivers the purest recordings. Each cable is made from Mogami’s 2552 microphone cable with signature Mogami 100% spiral coverage for extremely low noise. The cable is finished with high quality gold-contact XLR connectors.
Yamaha RH5MA headphones, which provide accurate sound reproduction, represent an excellent choice for pro studio monitoring. Featuring a semi-closed design, they come with 0.25” and 0.125” inch jacks along with an 8’ long cable. The frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz and the impedance is 32 Ω.

The Cubase Recording Pack costs $1,119.99. The UR22 Recording Pack costs $439.99.

The Cubase Recording Pack includes Cubase 7 Upgrade 4 to “upgrade” the existing license, pre-loaded onto the included eLicenser USB key. The UR22 Recording Pack includes a Full Version of Cubase AI 7.

TurboCal Provides a Low-Cost Solution

HAA’s TurboCal Suite is designed for quick acoustic calibrations.

HAA’s TurboCal Suite is designed for quick acoustic calibrations.

Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) now offers an audio TurboCal package. This kit is designed for quick acoustic calibrations you suitable for every job. AVPro 2.0 will even walk you through the process. With this setup, you only need to add the AVPro iMux 4 and you will have the complete professional kit. Just add an iPad and a few apps.

The kit includes an iAudioInterface2 preamp/generator, an HAA-approved Type 2 measurement microphone, AVPro 2.0 audio reporting software, and a SC05 sound-level calibrator. The TurboCal package costs $1,150.

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