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Now let’s focus on this issue.

Did you attend the 2012 Munich High End Audio Fair? If not, no worries. Ward Maas walked the floor and took copious notes on interesting audio products and systems (p. 12).

Backes & Müller BM100 on display that Munich High-End Audio Fair 2012 (Source. Ward Maas)

In the first part of his series on electrostatic speakers (audioXpress9/12), Richard Mains provided tips for selecting the proper materials for an electrostatic loudspeaker (ESL) project. This month he covers the fabrication process (p. 22).

Electrostatic cell fabrication (Source: R. Mains)

Turn to page 26 for a thoughtful product review. Gary Galo provides an analysis of Monarchy Audio’s SE-100 MK2and SM-70 amplifiers.

Here you see a pair of Monarchy SE-100 MK2 monaural power amplifiers. The rear panel shows the unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs, binding posts for loudspeaker connections, and an IEC AC power connector. The front panel sports new oval handles and a cleaner appearance than the original SE-100 Delux amplifiers. (Source: Gary Galo)

This month’s interview is fascinating (p. 32). Walt Jung’s interesting life and audio-related work will inspire you to learn, design, and write.

On page 8, Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis describe what’s behind a speaker cone. They detail the functionality of speaker stuffing.

Are you engaged in the “sound system debate”? On page 18, Richard Honeycutt investigates the differences between hollow-state and solid-state amps.

The last article in this issue is a thorough review of B&C’s new 18” woofer (p. 38). According to Vance Dickason, “the 18TBW100 uses a ferrite motor design, which is probably going to be the trend in pro woofer design until neo’s prices drop to a more competitive level.”

The October issue is now available.

audioXpress October 2012 Now Available

The October issue of audioXpress is now online and in mailboxes around the world. It begins with columnists Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis examining the speaker stuffing’s impact on acoustics and concludes with Vance Dickason’s rigorous test of B&C’s new 18″ woofer.

On the pages in between, Ward Maas highlights some of the audio products found at the Munich High End Audio Fair 2012,  Richard K. Mains provides a step-by-step guide to electrostatic cell fabrication, and Gary Galo reviews Monarchy’s new pro power amps. Columnist Richard Honeycutt explores the differences in amplifier sounds, and Walt Jung discusses his vast experience in the audio field.