Audio Crossword Answers (October 2013)

The answers to audioXpress’’ October audio crossword puzzle are now available.



2.    BESSELLFILTER—Known for its flat time delay and uneven amplitude response [two words]
4.    LOSSLESS—FLAC, WAV, or AIFF are these file types
6.    TONEBURST—A short group of uniform-frequency and uniform-amplitude sine waves [two words]
9.    RANDOMNOISE—Electrical signal with no discernible frequency or amplitude pattern [two words]
12.    CLINICAL—Pristinely clean reproduced sound
16.    HEADROOM—The “space” between an audio waveform’s peak and the maximum available loudness
17.    CHECKSUM—Ensures that digital audio transmitted across networks or physically copied from one location to another is the same when it reaches its destination
18.    DEMODULATOR—A circuit that extracts information from an RF signal
19.    ZO—A circuit or amplifier’s output impedance
20.    LISTENINGFATIGUE—Caused by barely audible signal distortion [two words]


1.    ZEROLEVEL—In SPL measurements, human hearing’s threshold [two words]
3.    LISSAJOUSFIGURE—An oscilloscope trace that shows two signals’ vector sum [two words]
5.    LADDERATTENUATOR—A device with several resistor pairs used as fixed-voltage dividers [two words]
7.    DYNAGROOVE—Trademarked name of a failed RCA product
8.    MHO—An upside down O
10.    MOTORBOATING—A rapid audio anomaly that typically occurs when playing back optical soundtracks [two words]
11.    WALSH—Inherently omnidirectional driver
13.    CARCINOTRON—Used in research, military, and commercial applications to generate microwaves
14.    REACTOR—Introduces an inductive element into an circuit
15.    PANCAKE—An open reel of audiotape on a hub that is not supported by flanges


Audio Crossword Answers (September 2013)

The answers to audioXpress’’ September audio crossword puzzle are now available.



1.    SUPERTWEETERS—Optimized for the highest audible frequencies
4.    XMOS—Provides single-tile mulitcore microcontrollers
7.    ISOBARIC—Loudspeaker with two or more identical woofers  operating simultaneously in a single enclosure
8.    LODGE—Credited with dynamic drivers’ modern design
10.    GRAMOPHONE—19th-century horn loudspeaker
12.    MICROCONTINUITY—Relates to the natural extension f* of a real function f
14.    QUADRATUREENCODER—Measures a rotating shaft’s speed and direction  [two words]
16.    GIBBSPHENOMENON—One cause of ringing artifacts in signal processing [two words]
17.    LINKWITZ—An audio engineering visionary
18.    GIMBAL—Enables an object’s rotation around a single axis
19.    TOROIDAL—Annular shaped


2.    EQUIVALENTINPUTNOISE—Microphone and preamplifier specification [three words]
3.    WHIZZER—Located between the voice coil and the primary cone
5.    MAGNETOSTRICTIVE—These speaker types don’t require suspensions or voice coils
6.    ROHS—Limits use of dangerous materials
9.    ROOMCONDITIONS—Environmental factors affecting transducers [two words]
11.    WATERFALL—I.e., cumulative spectral decay
13.    AMBISONICS—Uses multichannel mixing technology
15.    CONSTANTAN—T is the ANSI symbol for copper and this material
20.    OHM—Alt + 234 provides this unit’s symbol

Audio Crossword Answers (August 2013)

The answers to audioXpress’ August audio crossword puzzle are now available.


2.    TONECONTROL—Uses an amplifier to modify signals to speakers [two words]
5.    DOPPLEREFFECT—Frequency change that occurs when emitter and receiver move in unison [two words]
6.    HISTOGRAM—A kernel density estimation alternative
9.    MONOFIER—System located in a single evacuated tube envelope
12.    ELECTROLYTE—Conducting fluid
13.    CATWHISKER—Sharp, flexible wire that connects to a semiconductor crystal’s surface [two words]
16.    BRINELL—Tests a metal’s hardness
17.    PARAMETRON—Phase-locked oscillator
18.    NEUTRIK—Manufactures audio connectors
20.    OILCANTUBE—Handles large amounts of power at uhf frequencies [two words]


1.    GALVANOMETER—Measures small voltages
3.    CIRCUMAURAL—Headphone type that minimizes outside sound interference
4.    SINGLEENDEDTRIODE—Its midband performance makes it a classic amplifier design [three words]
7.    ENTHALPY—Signified by the symbol H
8.    MILLERBRIDGE—Circuit that measures a vacuum tube’s amplification factor [two words]
10.    ASYNCHRONOUS—Jitter-immune USB input
11.    FLASHOVER—Destroys tubes
14.    DOLBYLABS—Company responsible for the movie theater surround-sound system [two words]
15.    HETERODYNE—Occurs when two frequencies combine to produce new ones
19.    ANOTRON—Cold-cathode-glow discharge diode

Audio Crossword Answers (July 2013)

The answers to audioXpress’  July audio crossword puzzle are now available.


1.    TUNGAR—An early tube rectifier
3.    PEAKOUTPUT—Outputting its maximum [two words]
6.    AMBISONICS—Recording technique that creates 2-D and 3-D sound fields
7.    BUSBAR—Conducts electricity [two words]
9.    CLIPPING—Makes intense high-frequency energy
10.    ANECHOIC—Absorbs sound or electromagnetic wave reflections
12.    LEYDENJAR—Early capacitor [two words]
14.    CHEATERPLUGS—Used to break the connection between the earth and the instrument chassis [two words]
17.    COHERER—Glass tube used in receivers
18.    GAUSSMETER—Detects magnetic anomalies
19.    OSSICLES—We use them to transmit vibration
20.    HAASEFFECT—Human ears’ ability to localize sound [two words]


2.    GAINRIDING—Tweaking to get the best amplitude level [two words]
4.    TONECONTROLCIRCUIT—Modifies signals, making them louder or softer [three words]
5.    UPSAMPLING—Often denoted by L
8.    BAXANDALL—English audio engineer (1921–1995) who revolutionized audio analog electronics
11.    PENTODE—This type’s elements include cathode, plate, control grid, screen grid, and suppressor grid
13.    KLYSTRON—Helps generate or amplify microwaves
15.    HYSTERESIS—Occurs in ferromagnetic materials
16.    TREBLECLEF—Includes a G key [two words]

Audio Crossword Answers (June 2013)

The answers to audioXpress’  June audio crossword puzzle are now available.


1.    CONSONANCE—Repetitive
3.    TRIGGERDIODE—A DIAC [two words]
4.    RADECHON—Barrier-grid storage tube
8.    WATERFALLPLOT—Cumulative spectral delay [two words]
9.    WINDING—Coiled material
12.    PHASEINVERTER—Two outputs created from a single input, one is identical to the original and the other is a mirror image [two words]
14.    TFTDISPLAY—Uses little electricity and provides a clear flat-screen display [two words]
15.    BIFILAR—Used in bipolar power-supply transformers to improve output voltage symmetry
17.    WALSHDRIVER—Inherently omnidirectional [two words]
18.    DARLINGTON—Resistor type that uses a shared collector
19.    FORWARDBIAS—Voltage applied to a semiconductor’s controlling element [two words]


1.    CODEC—Converts analog signal to digital and the digital signals back to analog
2.    BRANDENBURG—Audio engineer who has contributed to the MPEG Audio Layer 3audio compression format
5.    HARRIESVALVE—Eliminates a tetrode’s kink [two words]
6.    POWERPENTODES—The EL34, the 6CL6, and the 6K6GT are examples of these tube types [two words]
7.    PINCH—It was the early tube’s central part. Lead-in wires were fed through and it mechanically supported the electrode system.
10.    LINESOURCE—A true one extends from floor to ceiling [two words]
11.    SEISMIC—Floor-shaking bass reproduction
13.    SURFACENOISE—aka, needle scratch [two words]
16.    GLITCH—Brief transient spike


Audio Crossword Answers (April 2013)

The answers to audioXpress’  April audio crossword puzzle are now available.


3. ABHENRY—Centimeter

6. STRAY—Unwanted capacitance

7. UNBALANCED—Single-ended

9. UNOBTANIUM—A nonexistent metal that has every physical property needed for a specific application

10. ACTIVEDEVICE—Electron tube or transistor [two words]

13. DIBIT—Specifies one of four values

14. PICOAMPERE—A unit of current equal to 10-12 A

15. HEADER—Mounting plate

16. DINA—Radar jamming transmitter that operates in the 92- to 210-mHz band

17. WHITEALICE—Nickname for Alaskan network of radio stations that link early-warning radar stations [two words]

18. HALLEFFECT—Proof that electric currents in metals are carried by moving electrons [two words]



1. VALVE—A British tube

2. CRYSTALRECTIFIER—Semiconductor diode [two words]

4. INDUCTANCE—L is its symbol

5. TYMPANUM—The eardrum

8. VARISTOR—Often used to suppress AC-line spikes

11. REPEATER—A remote indicator

12. CHROMATIC—Includes semitones and whole notes

14. PVDF—1,1-difluorethene, polyvinyleden

15. HASH—Garbage or gibberish

Audio Crossword Answers (March 2013)

The answers to audioXpress’ March audio crossword puzzle are now available.


5.    CERAMICPLATE—Capacitor type used due to its low inductance and low cost [two words]
6.    BUTTERWORTH—Produces a maximally flat amplitude response
11.    SUSPENSIONSYSTEM—A loudspeaker’s weakest mechanical part [two words]
13.    GASSY—Tube types that can draw excess current and generate static in the output signal
14.    HAPTIC—Sense of touch
16.    SHORTED—Power transformer that has a metallic or burnt varnish smell
17.    KLYSTRON—Used as an oscillator
18.    STRUCK—CJS Labs’ CEO and chief scientist
19.    COCHLEA—Senses vibration


1.    ACOUSTICRESEARCH—Company credited with being the first to commercialize the dome tweeter [two words]
2.    SYNCHRONOUSAVERAGING—Analyzes the vibration signature of rotating machines or gearboxes [two words]
3.    VACUUMTUBE—Makes amplification and radio possible [two words]
4.    TWEETER—An electrodynamic driver
7.    CROSSOVERNETWORK—Single-driver speakers cancel the need for it [two words]
8.    NOISECANCELLATION—Eliminates out-of-phase information [two words]
9.    RECTIFIER—Passes current in only one direction
10.    PINK—Noise with a continuous frequency spectrum and equal power per constant percentage bandwidth
12.    MASERATI—Recently teamed with Bowers & Wilkins to make limited-edition, co-branded audio products
15.    PRESBYCUSIS—Causes include noise exposure and aging

Audio Crossword Answers (February 2013)

The answers to audioXpress’ February audio crossword puzzle are now available.


1.    DISTRIBUTEDMODE—A loudspeaker that is not typically capable of the high sound levels required for performance audio systems [two words]
3.    FEEDBACK—A capacitor used in an op-amp circuit
4.    INTERFACE—An electrical circuit that links more than one device
6.    CROSSTALK—Caused when one circuit’s signal creates an unwanted effect on another
8.    TACTILETRANSDUCER—Converts electrical signal into vibration [two words]
10.    DIRECTIVITY—An acoustic source’s behavior in a 3-D space
12.    FERRITE—A magnetic material used in a driver’s construction
13.    PIEZOELECTRIC—Charge that builds up in certain material due to mechanical stress
15.    THREEDIMENSIONAL—An acoustic passive radiator diaphragm trait [two words]
16.    HAFLERCIRCUIT—Mimics matrix decoding’s effects without using expensive electronics [two words]
17.    OEB—An Italian loudspeaker component supplier
18.    LINEARRAYS—Speakers with a horizontal directivity equal to that of each driver [two words]
19.    PATENTAPPLICATION—New inventions are published in this journal [two words]
20.    HUMREDUCTION—Use a bridge rectifier driven from an 8- to 12-V transformer winding, a capacitive filter, and a three-terminal IC voltage regulator to achieve this [two words]


2.    BLEEDER—A resistor that draws the critical amount of load current
5.    FILAMENTS—Often supplied by AC voltage from a transformer winding
7.    SHUNTREGULATOR—Stabilizes voltage fluctuations [two words]
9.    SURFACEMOUNTED—Method that places components directly on PCBs [two words]
11.    INCOMINGSTEREO—A signal that is detected by “true” sound decoders [two words]
14.    OSCILLATION—Doesn’t remain in one place

Audio Crossword Answers (September 2012)

The answers to the crossword puzzle published in audioXpress September 2012 are below. The issue is now available


2.     BOOMY—A type of vibration that occurs if the speaker is not well damped by either the amps output circuit or the particular installation

5.     CONECRY—Notes or tones that are higher or lower in frequency than the intended note [two words]

6.     PI—The name Robert Nance Dee gave the pre-amplifier interface design in his audioXpress article (August 2012)

10.   AGGRESSIVE—Usually indicative of a lightweight, low-mass cone structure and a large magnet

11.   SCANSPEAK—In recent months, columnist Vance Dickason has put a number of high-end audio drivers from this Danish company to the test [two words]

14.   CASPER—This audioXpress contributor shared an easy-to-build amplifier for computer speakers in the November 2011 issue

16.   PRESENCENOTCH—The major fundamental resonance of a loudspeaker, which is mainly determined by the spider and the mass of the cone [two words]

17.   BREAKUP—Comb filtering and other anomalies that create the texture of the overall sound

18.   NEODYMIUM—A material used for the rare-earth magnets

19.   RAREFACTION—That phase of a sound wave during which the air pressure is below the normal atmospheric pressure

20.   PASS—In the January 2012 issue of audioXpress, this contributor described his modification to the JBL L300 loudspeakers


1.     HONKING—A peaked 800 to 1200 Hz midrange that is up several decibels from the low end

3.     OUTPUTTRANSISTORS—In his October 2011 audioXpress article, “Upgrading the Phase Linear 200 Amplifier,” Patrick Brunner recommended changing these for higher gain [two words]

4.     ELECTROSTATIC—The “unique beam-splitter bass cabinet” was the twist in Charlie Mimbs’ construction of this type of hybrid-style loudspeakers (audioXpress, April 2012).

7.     VOICECOILRUB—Usually occurs after too much power is applied to a speaker for too long [three words]

8.     BELLMODES—The many minor resonances and new frequencies that result in response to the input signal when the speaker cone vibrates [two words]

9.     LIS—Our annual directory, which provides information on industry trends, speaker parts, and resources as well as components, software, and test equipment

12.   SURROUND—The area out at the periphery of the cone that usually has one to three corrugations

13.   THEPANHEADS—In the March 2012 issue of audioXpress, David Pellegrene shared this innovative speaker design that resembles a Harley-Davidson engine [two words]

15.   GAPENERGY—Measured by the Gaussmeter [two words]