RME Converts its Windows/Mac Software TotalMix FX to iOS

RME TotalMix-FX on iOS

RME TotalMix-FX on iOS

Now available on the iTunes App Store, the new TotalMix FX for iPad gives control over the mixer and effects of the supported RME audio interfaces Fireface UCX and Fireface UFX, when these devices are in Class Compliant mode. TotalMix for iPad does not work wirelessly, and is not a replacement for typical remote software (like Lemur / TouchOSC). According to the German company, TotalMix FX for iPad runs on any iPad and all iOS versions from 5.0 up, using only low resources. As under Windows and Mac OS X it does not process audio, but acts as remote control for the calculations performed in the hardware. The app is fully compatible even when storing/loading Workspaces. Except for MIDI/OSC remote control, it includes all features of the desktop version allowing a full overview and lightning fast configuration. Even DURec (Direct USB Recording) is fully usable and controllable from the iPad.


Aphex Releases Audio Xciter App Update

Aphex, a leader in audio enhancement technology for more than 35 years, has updated its popular Audio Xciter app for the Android smartphone and tablet platform. The updated version provides a more responsive user interface and greater stability, fixing previous problems with in-app upgrades.

Audio Xciter has been popular with iPhone and iPad owners. This update brings Android users a new listening experience with Aphex’s patented audio processor technology—the same technology pros have been using for years in the studio and on stage. The Audio Xciter app’s familiar interface provides instant access to the user’s library, playlists, and Bluetooth playback support, with studio-quality enhanced playback.

An update for the Audio Xciter app on the iOS platform (iPhones, iPods, and iPads) is currently in the works. Try Audio Xciter for Android platforms for free on GooglePlay (http://bit.ly/17Rt6Z7).

Industry Watch: June

It is with regret that Voice Coil announces the passing of two of our highly esteemed colleagues, Denis Ouellet and Howard Doctor.

Denis Ouellet

Denis Ouellet (1949–2013)

Denis Ouellet, owner of Solen Electronique and a long-standing Audio Engineering Society member, was a man of many talents. He led a full life, nurturing his many interests. His hobby as an aviator and years as a commercial pilot enabled Denis to visit many interesting places and experience adventures, both in the air and on the ground.

Denis provided many colorful anecdotes of his experiences and he had a thirst for knowledge. Solen, a leading producer of “high-end” crossover components based in Quebec, Canada, remains a testament to Denis’s lifelong commitment to his endeavors and pursuits. Denis influenced and inspired many people during his life and he will be missed by his family and many friends.

Howard Doctor

Howard Doctor (1954–2013)

Howard Doctor described himself as an aspiring boulevardier. In his formative years, he participated in pirate radio, became a skilled concert sound engineer, and taught at Grant MacEwan University, in Alberta, Canada. Howard spent many years designing and refining transducers for professional, hi-fi, and automotive applications. As a founder of AVI Sound International, he created a family of exceptional drivers that utilized advanced composites and low-distortion magnetics. His designs can be identified by their performance and remarkable market acceptance.

Howard provided guidance to dozens of manufacturers regarding advanced materials, a task that required auditing 390 different manufacturing operations, worldwide. These audits provided a wealth of information on their strengths and limitations, resulting in a database of 4,600 sources, encompassing every facet of product design, development, production, and quality control. Howard’s skill set included industrial design elements, materials science, structural, mechanical, magnetic, electrical, thermal, and acoustic engineering. He published 170 articles and contributed to textbooks about loudspeaker adhesives and voice coils. He will be missed.

Photo 2: Howard Doctor

Soundcast Systems’s Sale Stalls

The Soundcast Systems’s high-profile sale to former SpeakerCraft CEO and industry icon Jeremy Burkhardt has been canceled. However, Soundcast’s original owners are moving forward with new financing, additional staff, and aggressive product plans. The agreement to sell Soundcast to Burkhardt, announced in late February 2013, included an aggressive and multifaceted 90-day fast-track sale with a short window of exclusivity. Unfortunately, Burkhardt did not close the transaction within the timeline. Soundcast’s owners and leadership team had the option to extend the deadline. Instead, they decided to raise the capital necessary for expansion internally. These new resources will accelerate the 2013 new products-to-market, future product development, increased staff, multimarket expansion, infrastructure enhancements, and the support necessary to execute the aggressive business plan currently underway.

The company’s first new employee is former SpeakerCraft employee Nick Berry (brought in by Burkhardt), who will head up Soundcast’s in-house sales team as director of sales. The company also unveiled two new products in April and will continue its accelerated development of new wireless products, with a number of new models slated for 2013 and 2014. Soundcast, a wireless loudspeaker manufacturer, has one of the most comprehensive patent portfolios for wireless audio. The owners plan to aggressively protect the company’s intellectual property of its wireless audio, digital amplification, and proprietary high-performance battery technologies.

Alpine’s new TuneIt app is compatible with its CDE-147BT CD receiver.

Alpine Launches New App

Alpine Electronics recently launched the Alpine TuneIt app. This unique app is compatible with Alpine’s new CDE-147BT CD receiver with advanced Bluetooth wireless technology. Sound tuning has always been available in aftermarket products, but it is usually used by enthusiasts willing to invest the time to tweak their systems. The Alpine TuneIt app takes traditional sound-tuning functions and makes them accessible via a smartphone app. The new app has full Pandora Internet radio control, enabling users to create new Pandora stations, rate songs, and bookmark songs for later purchase. The rear USB port provides high-speed USB connections to music libraries stored on an iPod, an iPhone, or a USB drive. TuneIt users can add their vehicle’s make, model, and speaker locations to their smartphones. Sound-system settings can then be downloaded to the vehicle. For more information, visit www.alpine-usa.com.

Audio Education Conference

AES 50th International Conference: Audio Education is the Audio Engineering Society’s (AES) first conference dedicated specifically to audio education. The conference—which is set for July 25–27, 2013, at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), Murfreesboro, TN—will focus on teaching methods, instructional resources, learning outcomes, technical operations, areas for research, and topics relevant to organizations and individuals that provide theoretical and practical training in audio engineering.

Audio education has expanded significantly worldwide, with many colleges and universities, career schools, high schools, and manufacturers now offering a range of audio courses. However, administrators and faculty face practical questions managing audio as a discipline within educational institutions. The conference’s aim is to address these questions and related topics through a series of presentations, papers, workshops, case studies, and discussions among professional audio educators, trainers, and administrators. The conference will be peer driven and its outcomes will include a collection of formal papers, historical documents, survey instruments, and potential recommendations for resource management and development.

More than 30 peer-reviewed papers and posters have been accepted for presentation along with eight workshops and tutorials focusing on the following topics:

  • Pedagogy, curricular design, and instructional resources
  • Internships, partnerships, employment, and career counseling
  • Industry and professional organizations partnerships
  • Outcomes for secondary, tertiary, and graduate level programs

Murfreesboro is approximately 30 miles southeast of Nashville, TN, an internationally recognized center for music and recording. MTSU’s recording industry program was founded in 1973, making it one of this country’s oldest programs of its kind. For more information, visit www.aes.org. VC

April New Products and News

AmpliVox Wireless PA Supports many Media Devices

Amplivox SW720 Wireless PA system

The updated SW720 Wireless PA system includes several practical accessories.

AmpliVox Sound Systems has unveiled its newly updated SW720 Wireless PA system, a versatile PA package that supports all types of external media. The SW720 PA enables audio or video to be played from MP3s, CDs, DVDs, or any iDevice from Apple (e.g., iPhones, iPads, or iPods), complemented by a wireless handheld mic for voice amplification. For audiences of up to 500 people and rooms as large as 2,500 ft2, the SW720 is an all-in-one solution for multimedia presentations.

The revamped SW720 Wireless PA system with a remote-controlled DVD player now includes AmpliVox’s S1732 cable and adapter, enabling iPads and other Apple devices to be simultaneously played and charged. The unit also contains an integrated DVD/CD/MP3 disc player with a USB/SD card reader and video output that enables DVDs to be viewed with a projector or other video display. For voice amplification, the SW720 features a built-in UHF selectable 16-channel wireless receiver with a 300’ range wireless handheld microphone.

The SW720’s straightforward controls customize presentations. A voice priority switch mutes music when the mic is in use, and separate bass/treble controls enable easy sound adjustments. Weighing 11.5 lb, the molded plastic enclosure is durable and portable. A protective cover offers many pockets for accessory storage. The SW720 can run for up to 6 h on its built-in rechargeable battery, or it can be powered with the included AC power cord.

For more information, visit www.ampli.com/ipod-pa-system.

Dayton Audio’s DVC Subwoofer

Dayton Audio Ultimax DVC

Dayton Audio’s DVC subwoofers are designed to improve power handling and reduce power compression.

Dayton Audio’s Ultimax Series DVC subwoofers are purpose-built to move air and create clean, articulate, and fast bass. To improve power handling, increase thermal management, and reduce power compression, Dayton Audio designed the Ultimax Series with large black anodized formers and vented pole pieces, under-spider ventilation, and two-layer copper voice coils.

The Ultimax’s “Tall-Boy” rubber surround is intended for extra-long linear excursion without reducing the Nomex honeycomb/woven glass-fiber laminated cone’s surface area. Copper shorting rings and a pole piece cap reduce inductance and distortion, while the Ultimax’s dual spiders maintain linearity at high drive levels.

Dayton Audio’s Ultimax Series dual voice coil subwoofers are engineered and built using the latest in subwoofer technology. They are now available in 10”, 12”, and 15” sizes. Dayton Audio products can be purchased in the US through Parts Express (www.parts-express.com).

For more information, visit www.daytonaudio.com.


Danley Sound Labs SH-96 HO

Danley raises the sound pressure level (SPL) on its Synergy Horns SH Series

Danley Sound Labs recently announced improvements to many of its already highly-regarded SH Series full-range loudspeakers. The new versions are identified by the suffix “HO,” which stands for “high output.” For example, if someone wants to get the most performance out of the Danley SH-96, order the Danley SH-96 HO.

The new designs use a more powerful two-way high frequency. As a result, the low- and mid-frequency drivers can be used to their full potential yet maintain Danley’s characteristic frequency response, phase response, and fidelity. In conjunction, the HO designs use a new crossover and have additional options for bi-amping and for changing the low-frequency impedance. Because the cabinets themselves haven’t changed, the new versions retain the coverage and frequency loss patterns of the originals. The new models include the SH-95 HO, the SH-96 HO, and the SH-64 HO.

Because the new switch panel cannot operate reliably if left exposed to the elements, weatherized versions of the new high-output loudspeakers must be pre-ordered with specified biamping and impedance settings.

For more information, visit www.danleysoundlabs.com.

B&K Precision Launches “pwrApp” for Apple Products

B&K Precision pwrApp

B&K Precision’s new “pwrApp” can be used on an iPad, an iPhone, and an iPod touch.

B&K Precision launched its new “pwrApp” for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Adding greater value to its DC power solutions, B&K Precision’s pwrApp enables full monitoring and control of a network-connected (via WLAN) XLN-GL series of power supplies over local wireless networks.

The pwrApp’s primary function is remote operation of all XLN-GL power supplies’ functions. The pwrApp’s features include live visual monitoring and interactive power supply control, visual data graphing, audible trigger alarms within the app, and data export.

Fully functional in-app demos of devices, monitoring, and programs are available with or without a connected XLN power supply. B&K Precision’s pwrApp for iPad and iPhone offers full interface control in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and traditional Chinese via a simple selection menu. Future versions of pwrApp will offer control of additional select WLAN-enabled B&K Precision power supplies. Available for immediate download via iTunes, pwrApp is free of charge to all users.

For pwrApp and XLN information, as well as hardware/software requirements, visit www.bkprecision.com/pwrapp.

NUGEN Audio offers Stand-Alone LM-Correct Loudness Tool

NUGEN Audio LM Correct

NuGen Audio now offers a new stand-alone version of its LM-Correct loudness analysis and correction tool.

NUGEN Audio, a creator of intuitive tools for audio professionals, has released a new stand-alone version of its LM-Correct loudness analysis and correction tool, which was originally only available as an AudioSuite plug-in. For the first time, LM-Correct is available as a file-based program, taking its speed and simplicity beyond the Avid digital audio workstation (DAW) environment. LM-Correct provides EBU R128|ATSC A/85 (CALM Act)-compliant loudness correction with unmatched simplicity, providing users with a rapid two-click solution for loudness normalization and conformance.

Part of NUGEN Audio’s range of innovative and easy-to-use loudness correction tools, LM-Correct is a faster-than-real-time tool that calculates and corrects for integrated program loudness and short-term maximum loudness. LM-Correct includes an internal true-peak limiter that transparently handles any intersample peaks.

LM-Correct’s settings include presets for current loudness standards, short-term loudness, overall integrated program loudness measurement and correction, maximum true-peak level targeting, and “EBU Mode.” The software also supports mono through 5.1 audio.

LM-Correct is available immediately for OS X and Windows operating systems. For more information about LM-Correct and other NUGEN Audio products, visit www.nugenaudio.com.

Saelig Introduces Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer

Saelig PSA2702

Saelig’s PSA Series II RF spectrum analyzers feature long, rechargeable battery life.

Saelig Company has introduced the PSA Series II RF spectrum analyzers. Available in 1.3- and 2.7-GHz versions, these new instruments are smaller, lighter, and have a longer battery life than other more expensive handheld RF products. PSA Series II analyzers incorporate a 4.3” (11 cm) backlit thin-film transistor (TFT) color touchscreen display, with a high-capacity rechargeable Lithium-ion battery to produce more than 8-h operation per charge. The PSA Series II PSA1302 has a 1-to-1,300-MHz frequency range, while the PSA Series II PSA2702 operates up to 2,700 MHz. Dynamic range is 80 dB with a noise floor at –100 dBm. Resolution bandwidth is selectable down to 15 kHz.

The PSA Series II’s features include sweep modes (e.g., continuous, single, peak hold, and sweep average), AM/FM audio demodulation with built-in speaker, and data logging for traces, data points, or screen images (with storage for 10,000 entries per file triggered from a key press, internal timer, external trigger, or the limits comparator). Traces or complete screen images can be saved to file and compensation tables for antennae or other external transducers can be created and loaded. USB host and device connectors enable the use of USB flash drives or direct connection to a PC.

PSA Series II analyzers are controlled via finger-operated touchscreen soft keys in a hierarchical menu system that provides rapid access to menu functions. All functions can also be operated using just the hard keys.

The ruggedized casing incorporates a rubber protection buffer, a bench stand, and screen protection. For bench-top use, the instrument can be operated from its AC charger. For portable use, its 8-h battery life can be further extended by selecting auto-off, which turns the instrument off (retaining all data) after a selectable delay of 5 to 60 min. from the last key press. The compact, handheld PSA Series II RF Spectrum analyzers weigh 20 oz, making them suitable for any portable RF service kit. For more information, visit www.saelig.com.