PreSonus Shipping New StudioLive AI-series Active Integration Loudspeakers

The new line includes the full-range StudioLive 312AI, 315AI, and 328AI 3-way powered speakers and the StudioLive 18sAI powered subwoofer. All models use custom drivers, Class-D amplifiers, wireless and wired networking and communications with powerful DSP to create a unified working environment. The StudioLive AI-series speakers incorporate Fulcrum Acoustics’ TQ Temporal Equalization algorithms, using multiple, fully addressable Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters to eliminate horn reflections and to correct linear time and amplitude anomalies in coaxial systems. Collaborating with Fulcrum Acoustics’ co-founder, Dave Gunness, PreSonus software designers incorporated custom TQ algorithms with dynamics processing, FFT tools, and performance monitoring into the onboard DSP.

Prism Sound Launches New Free Webinar Series

The enormous success of Prism Sound’s Audio Design Workshop LIVE event at the 51st AES Conference in Helsinki has inspired the company to launch a new, free series of 30-minute webinars – Audio Design Workshop: Bitesize. These webinars are ideal to brush up on test and measurement knowledge and techniques.

The Bitesize series delves deeper into the audio engineering and measurement topics already discussed in Prism Sound’s popular Wednesday Webinars series and they are available to download from the Prism Sound website.

The first Bitesize webinar will take place on December 18th 2013 at 14.00 and 18:00 (UTC/GMT) and will cover FFT Fundamentals and discuss the six essential steps in audio test and measurement:

  • Why you need to understand Fourier Theory
  • The significance of the Time-Frequency Relationship
  • DFT/FFT and why they matter
  • How to choose the right window function for your measurement
  • Avoiding the ‘Picket-Fence’ effect and the errors it may bring
  • Make the most of your FFT – special measurement techniques

Each webinar will include live demonstrations and a Q&A session.

Anyone wanting to attend should register at to receive their session login details.

KRK Systems Launches New Rokit Generation 3 Monitors

KRK Systems, now part of the Gibson Pro Audio division, claims it is the leader in the worldwide home studio market when it comes to powered monitors. KRK Systems is certainly one of the world’s most respected studio reference monitor manufacturers. So, when the company decided to refresh its popular Rokits, now in its third generation, there must have been a good reason.

KRKg3-familyWithout dramatic changes, the new Rokit G3 family shows a cleaner more refined look and finishing, with “radiused” edges that help reduce distortion from diffraction. The monitors now offer a new 1” soft dome tweeter and new glass-Aramid composite woofers. The changes expand the Rokit’s frequency response up to 35 kHz, with better vocal clarity and extended bass response from 35 Hz. The proprietary bi-amped, Class-A/B amplifier provides SPL up to 109 dB and the waveguide design helps achieve the detailed imaging, while the front-firing bass port reduces boundary coupling to enable flexible room positioning. One of the key changes is in the back of the monitors, where high-frequency adjustments can be found to tailor the system to the user’s personal taste. The low-frequency adjustments compensate for room acoustics.

KRK Sytems, Inc.

TurboCal Provides a Low-Cost Solution

HAA’s TurboCal Suite is designed for quick acoustic calibrations.

HAA’s TurboCal Suite is designed for quick acoustic calibrations.

Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) now offers an audio TurboCal package. This kit is designed for quick acoustic calibrations you suitable for every job. AVPro 2.0 will even walk you through the process. With this setup, you only need to add the AVPro iMux 4 and you will have the complete professional kit. Just add an iPad and a few apps.

The kit includes an iAudioInterface2 preamp/generator, an HAA-approved Type 2 measurement microphone, AVPro 2.0 audio reporting software, and a SC05 sound-level calibrator. The TurboCal package costs $1,150.

For more information, visit

Yamaha AFC3 Generates Positive Response at 52nd AES Conference

YamahaAFC3DemoAES52WebYamaha Commercial Audio sponsored the 52ndAudio Engineering Society (AES) Conference, which was held at the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK. Yamaha gave a comprehensive demonstration of the recent Active Field Control system (AFC3), which attracted a lot of positive attention.

The demonstration, “Sound Field Control,” was attended by around 80 delegates from across Europe and further afield. All were engineers and developers in sound field modeling, from a wide range of application areas. Many attendees also teach acoustics to university students. Yamaha’s team at the event included Ron Bakker from Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Europe, Andy Cooper and Tim Harrison from the Yamaha Commercial Audio Support Centre in London, and Takayuki Watanabe from the Spatial Audio Group at Yamaha Corporation, Japan.

Harrison and Cooper built up a temporary AFC3 system in Studio 1 of the University’s Performing Arts Technology Studios (PATS) and Watanabe oversaw the system’s tuning. Demonstrated throughout all three days of the conference, the system generated universally positive reactions from the delegates.

Cooper provided a live sound source courtesy of his talents on saxophone and oboe. The team presented detailed measurements and the audience was able to hear the results for themselves.

Francis Rumsey, Conference chair, was pleased to welcome Yamaha as a sponsor. “It was great to hear the acoustics of Studio 1 at my former university enhanced with the system and to hear Ron’s interesting exposition of the history of reverberation enhancement systems,” he said. “I remember teaching my students about the early Assisted Resonance and MCR systems in first year acoustics, and I heard one of the original Yamaha systems at their London R&D center, probably about 20 years ago. So it was fascinating to hear how the technology has moved on today.”

AFC3 is an acoustic conditioning system designed to adjust and enhance the architectural acoustic characteristics of facilities (e.g., performance arts venues, houses of worship, theaters and concert halls) while maintaining the space’s natural sonic characteristics. A cost-effective alternative to mechanical means of modifying room acoustics, it is a truly scalable solution. Reverberation changes can be made at the push of a button, enabling the performance environment to be almost instantly adjusted. AFC3 can deliver the same high-quality sonic experience to every performer and audience member. For more information, visit

AX October: Welcome to our Booth

The 135th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention will be held in New York, NY, on October 17–20. The event brings together thousands of audio professionals who will explore the latest in products and technologies.

We’ll be there, too, introducing our readers to a newly redesigned audioXpress magazine that will debut with the November issue.

The redesign will offer a new layout, more pages, and expanded content catering to a variety of reader interests. Those interests include acoustics and applications ranging from vintage equipment repairs to building guitar FX pedals and innovations in professional audio.

Intrigued? Then stop by our booth (number 2560) at the AES convention to find out more. We’d appreciate the time. After all, there will be a lot to distract you at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Audio professionals come to the convention for its four days of workshops, masters classes, skills training, research discussions, and more—including special events that explore audio industry innovations and frontiers.

In 2011, the convention drew more than 350 businesses and 18,000 attendees to New York. According to the AES, business participants ranged from boutique enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. Their array of specialties included commercial recording, broadcasting, film and video production, audiovisual computing software, Internet audio, and more.

This year’s convention will also offer some new attractions, including  a “Sound for Picture” workshop featuring Emmy and Oscar winners. Visit to learn more.


Mary Wilson