Member Profile: Costas Sarris

Costas Sarris

Costas Sarris

Member Name: Costas Sarris

Location: Thessaloniki / Greece

Education: B Sc, Business Computers

Occupation: Medical Engineer at Biolab Lp Diagnostics

Member Status (how long you have been subscribing to audioXpress): -

Affiliations: Monolith Magnetics audio transformers tester / Mythos Audio ( Hi End speaker Manufacturer ) / Member in most popular Hi Fi forums /

Audio Interests: Hand made Tube Audio projects. Power Tube Amps / Tube Pre-amps / Guitar amps

Most Recent Purchase: a pair of NOS 12AX7 tubes

Current Audio Projects: 2A3 Single Ended Tube Amp / 300B SE Power Tube amp / Single Ended Guitar Tube Amp based on 6L6GC power tube

Dream System: Speakers : Altec Model 19 Circa / Power Amp : Audio Note Ongaku / audio research ref 2 preamp

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