Member Profile: Bruce Heran

Bruce Heran

Bruce Heran

Member Name: Bruce Heran

Location: Sierra Vista, AZ

Education: Bruce has a BS in Biology and he has taken some master’s levels courses.

Member Status: He has been reading audioXpress for a number of years.

Occupation: Bruce co-owns and is vice president of design for Oddwatt Audio. The company specializes in high-quality audio kits (mostly valve designs). Prior to that, he was a project manager for a government defense contractor.

Audio Interests: Bruce is a fan of anything analog. He enjoys designing high-end valve equipment and listening to music on vinyl.

Most Recent Purchase: Because he is willing to design and build almost anything, Bruce never knows what he might buy. However, his most recent purchase was an Audio Technica AT-33PTG/II phonographic cartridge.

Bruce Heran's workshop

Bruce Heran’s workshop

Current Audio Projects: Bruce is working on a digital remote control integrated valve preamplifier with a valve phono stage. It also has a solid-state phono preamplifier and an economy integrated valve stereo amplifier.

Dream System: Bruce’s dream system contains Martin Logan Montis speakers (he currently owns the Vistas); a pair of Martin Logan Grotto or Depth subwoofers; KT120 mono block power amplifiers of his own design (he already has them); a remote-control preamplifier of his own design with phono stage (he already has this, too); an OPPO BDP105 Blu-ray player (to replace his OPPO 83SE); a Sota Millennium Turntable (to replace the Sota Moonbeam he currently owns); and several phonograph cartridges.

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