Audio Crossword Answers (August 2013)

The answers to audioXpress’ August audio crossword puzzle are now available.


2.    TONECONTROL—Uses an amplifier to modify signals to speakers [two words]
5.    DOPPLEREFFECT—Frequency change that occurs when emitter and receiver move in unison [two words]
6.    HISTOGRAM—A kernel density estimation alternative
9.    MONOFIER—System located in a single evacuated tube envelope
12.    ELECTROLYTE—Conducting fluid
13.    CATWHISKER—Sharp, flexible wire that connects to a semiconductor crystal’s surface [two words]
16.    BRINELL—Tests a metal’s hardness
17.    PARAMETRON—Phase-locked oscillator
18.    NEUTRIK—Manufactures audio connectors
20.    OILCANTUBE—Handles large amounts of power at uhf frequencies [two words]


1.    GALVANOMETER—Measures small voltages
3.    CIRCUMAURAL—Headphone type that minimizes outside sound interference
4.    SINGLEENDEDTRIODE—Its midband performance makes it a classic amplifier design [three words]
7.    ENTHALPY—Signified by the symbol H
8.    MILLERBRIDGE—Circuit that measures a vacuum tube’s amplification factor [two words]
10.    ASYNCHRONOUS—Jitter-immune USB input
11.    FLASHOVER—Destroys tubes
14.    DOLBYLABS—Company responsible for the movie theater surround-sound system [two words]
15.    HETERODYNE—Occurs when two frequencies combine to produce new ones
19.    ANOTRON—Cold-cathode-glow discharge diode

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