Q&A: Larry Pexton – Triad Speakers CEO Evolves into an Industry Leader

SHANNON BECKER: How and why did you start your company, Triad Speakers (www.triadspeakers.com) LARRY PEXTON: Triad grew out of Aspen Recreational Products, which manufactured a pre-Walkman cassette player designed for skiing. It was called the Aspen Audiopac. We sold about … Continue reading

Q&A: Craig Bernabeu – Recording Engineer Introduces Innovative Designs
Craig Bernabeu

SHANNON BECKER: What compelled you to start your company, SBS Designs, in 2011? CRAIG BERNABEU: I was not really seeing audio products designed for a variety of applications with different approaches to record or play back music that would suit … Continue reading

Q&A: Engineer Takes a Chance on Start-Up Audio Venture

SHANNON BECKER: Tell us about your company Tortuga Audio. Can you also share the story behind your sea turtle mascot? MORTEN SISSENER: Tortuga Audio is a boutique audio design, manufacturing, and marketing company located in South Florida. At present we … Continue reading

Q&A: Dan Dugan – Audio Engineer, Inventor, and Nature Sounds Recordist
Dan Dugan

SHANNON BECKER: When and how did you first become interested in audio electronics? DAN DUGAN: As a child! I was most interested in theater lighting. I was raised in San Diego, CA, and when my parents took me to the … Continue reading

Q&A: OrigAudio Founders Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak
OrigAudio founders

SHANNON BECKER: Describe your background (e.g., where you grew up and your education). JASON LUCASH: I’ve always been an “entrepreneur at heart.” I’ve always had a knack for being a self-starter. I started my own candy stand when I was … Continue reading

Q&A: Ken Heng Gin Loo – DIY Audio Appeals to Applications Engineer
Ken used this chassis for a hybrid amplifier design. The front plate and heatsinks are made of aluminum. All the holes are pre-drilled and the chassis accessories are supplied as a package.

SHANNON BECKER: Tell us about your background and where you live. KEN HENG GIN LOO: I’m a Malaysian Chinese. I spent a wonderful childhood in a small and peaceful town called Taiping, Perak, up North in Peninsular Malaysia. I’m fortunate … Continue reading

Q&A: Daniel Weiss – Audio Engineer Focuses on the “Masters”
The potential of a Weiss Engineering Mastering Studio “Mastering Mansion Madrid” uses Weiss Gambit Series equipment, which are the white faceplate units on the left.

SHANNON BECKER: Tell us a little about your background and where you live. DANIEL WEISS: I live in Uster, a small city close to Zurich in Switzerland. In the 1970s and 1980s, I played music in a band, first as … Continue reading

Q&A: Gregory Charvat – Early Curiosity Leads to a Lifelong Engineering Pursuit
Gregory’s go-to vacuum-tube transceiver is a 20-m single-sideband (SSB) of his own design.

Gregory Charvat—an engineer, professor, entrepreneur, and author—encourages people to explore the opportunities that come their way. SHANNON BECKER: Your interest in amateur radio equipment began when you were young and continued through your high school years. Can you describe some … Continue reading

Q&A: Meir Mordachai – Morel Founder Finds Inspiration in Innovation

Meir Mordechai attributes the company’s success to its revolutionary designs SHANNON BECKER: What sparked your initial interest in audio? MEIR MORDECHAI: Music has always been a big part of my life. The love of music and my curiosity as a … Continue reading

Q&A: Tommy Reed and Aleksey Matyushev
Photo 3: 7decibels designed the Sabine, a creative new aluminum sound amplifier specifically for use with iPads. It's initial startup was funded through Kickstarter.

7decibels Ramps Up the Volume Innovative Sabine amplifier for iPads kicks off new business venture for its designers SHANNON BECKER: tell us a little about your background. Where are you located? What is your education? TOMMY REED and ALEKSEY MATYUSHEV: … Continue reading