Member Profile: Dimitri Metzler

Dimitri Metzler

Location: Duesseldorf, Germany

Education: Dimitri studied electronics at the University of Siegen, Germany, for three years.

Occupation: He currently works as an electronics technician.

Member Status: Dimitri has been a fan of audio magazines for many years. He has been an audioXpress subscriber for two years.

Audio Interests: He has many years of practical experience in the audio field, in particular loudspeakers and driver. Dimitri’s main interests are speaker building and playing the acoustic guitar.

Most Recent Purchase: Dimitri’s most recent purchase was a Reckhorn subwoofer amplifier (

Current Audio Projects: Dimitri has designed and built more than 20 audio projects. He is currently working on a closed-box design with a 4.5” subwoofer driver in a small box.

Dream System: According to Dimitri, his dream system does not yet exist!

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